Buffalo Soldier Museum opens in Tacoma

By Volcano Staff on February 14, 2012


Tacoma art instigator Lynn Di Nino sent us word the 9th and 10th (Horse) Calvary Buffalo Soldiers Museum on the edge of Tacoma's Museum District has undergone a refocus and a renaming. It's now called the Buffalo Soldier Museum, and according to the press release Di Nino sent, it's worthy of your attention.

To keep the memory of pioneering black soldiers alive, William Jones created the Buffalo Soldier Museum in a cottage on his property situated on the edge of Tacoma's Downtown Museum District.  Following his death on December 3rd, 2009 at age 91, his daughter Jackie Jones-Hook began the process of formalizing the entity by filing articles of incorporation. 

The Museum, formally known as the 9th and 10th (Horse) Calvary Buffalo Soldiers Museum would like to announce its readiness to further educate the public on aspects of American history, to depict and illustrate the story of the all black regiment on the United States military, and to preserve memorabilia of historical significance.

According to his daughter Jackie Jones-Hook, who currently serves as the director of the private museum, "the collection contains military artifacts, an extensive library of books, articles and DVD's from her father's military career with the 10th Calvary - the Buffalo Horse Calvary."  The Tacoma Museum is one of only two museums dedicated to the Buffalo Soldiers in the nation, the other being the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum in Houston.

Upon receipt of the legal non-profit status, the board met for the first time on February 4th, 2012, to establish immediate goals, which include designing a program for youth educational tours of the museum.

Board members include, in addition to PresidentJackie Jones-Hook:

  • Edvine Evans, vice president (retired Army Sergeant Major)
  • William Watkins, treasurer (Union representative and Mr. Jones' grandson)
  • Willie Stewart (former Tacoma school board member, past principal Lincoln High School)
  • Lynn Di Nino (community organizer and long time family friend)

Scheduling for Museum Tours: 253-272-4257