After Midnight: "The High Bar" debuts tonight on Tacoma's KBTC

By Volcano Staff on February 6, 2012


Tonight at midnight, Warren Etheredge's thought-provoking interview series, The High Bar, will debut on Tacoma's KBTC public television.

Back in December, Weekly Volcano scribe Jenni Prange Boran reported on The High Bar, which is produced by Tacoma's Jason Ganwich. The Seattle-based interview program features cultural conversationalist and film analyst Etheredge interviewing film stars and directors, cultural big shots and authors. Tonight's guest is actor and comedian Larry Miller.

As Boran reported in the Weekly Volcano, "Fitting as, since Ganwich's involvement, The High Bar has twice shot on location in Tacoma and utilized Tacoma-based professionals like make-up artists Athena Hitson and Kari Baumann, gaffer Austen Hoogen and, under the guidance of instructor Brian Parker, an array of eager and talented interns from Tacoma's Bates Technical College's Digital Media Department. While the majority of the episodes shoot in Seattle, Tacoma is quickly charming the production."

Below is a clip highlighting Etheredge's mad interviewing skills.