Eat This Now: Homemade caramels at Amocat Café

By Ron Swarner on February 20, 2012

SO YUM! >>>

It's president's Day, and President's Day means caramel.


Because Morgan Alexander at Amocat Café is giving away free samples of his homemade caramels.

And they're quite delicious.

"Every since I was a kid I dreamed of owning a candy factory," Says Alexander.

Morgan Wonka is on his way. While he claims he's still tweaking the chocolate, I say they're ready now. The mini logs are sweet and luxurious - chewy, but they didn't stick to my teeth. Topping each caramel are grains of Hawaiian clay sea salt. Yes, they have a teensy taste of clay, offering a pleasantly tangy counterpoint to all that richness.

"Once I have the chocolate where I want it, I will start playing around with variety. I want to make candy bar versions, such as a Milky way favor," explains Alexander.

Of course, the home brewer will also come out with a beer-flavored caramel.

Alexander hasn't come up with a price point. Today, the caramels sit on a play on his café's counter for all to sample.

[Amocat Café, 625 St. Helens Ave., Tacoma, 253.722.5373]