MORNING SPEW: Cutting jobs, spending city money, painful cake video ...

By Volcano Staff on April 18, 2012


Today In Oh This Is Quite Lovely: Team Dickwad hold South Tacoma woman at gunpoint, then ransack her home. (News Tribune)

Washington State Budget Cuts: And by cuts, we mean 1,266 more full-time jobs in state government. (News Tribune)

Tacoma City Council: It will grab money raised by 2009 and 2010 bond sales and spend it on theater, pool and bridge repairs, Hilltop public-housing renovations and walkways. (News Tribune)

Syrian Cease Fire: Not really a good thing as President Bashar al-Assad is tightening his grip on the country during the decrease in violence brought on by U.N. demands. (CNN)

The "Leap List": Ryan Leaf's list of things to do before possibly heading to prison. (Daily Weekly)

Creepy Finance Guy: He has spreadsheet of 'prospects.' (Jezebel)

Muppets Sequel: It will be a caper with new characters. (MTV)

Mission To Lars: New Metallica film to be released in June. (NME)

Fascinating: What it costs eight women writers to live in New York City. (The Awl)