SOUTH SOUND SIDEKICK: How to score marijuana

By Volcano Staff on December 21, 2012

South Sound Sidekick series offers advice from experts living in the, well, South Sound. It posts every Friday. We had legal advice from Jim Foley regarding the legalization of marijuana, and we all know the law won't get straightened out for another year, so in the meantime, where and how do we get safe access to marijuana? Pot activist Jeremy Miller weighs in on the medical end of the weed spectrum.

Jeremy Miller writes,

High, my name is Jeremy Miller. I have been a local cannabis activist/lobbyist in the Olympia area for more than 20 years. In 2003, I decided to take my activism up a notch and started the Olympia Hempfest to help raise awareness of the social injustice of cannabis prohibition. In 2007, I opened a medical cannabis information center and worked with the Olympia police department to help educate and develop policies to protect medical cannabis patients. In 2010, I ran for state representative and started the world's first Cannabis Farmers Market. Let me just say that we have come quite a long way since. I'm glad to see so many seeds that were planted long ago - by myself and many others - sprouting so rapidly here in Washington.

Here are a few questions and answers regarding medical marijuana. 

Where can I find a doctor? Try CannaHealth with clinics in Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia, or 4Evergreen in Seattle, Tacoma and Kennewick.

What are some of the qualifying conditions? The conditions are cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy/seizures, chronic pain, spasticity disorder(s), cramping/muscle spasms, migraine headaches, hepatitis C, Crohn's disease, glaucoma, arthritis, nausea, anorexia, and asthma.

What documents will I need? Bring medical records that diagnose your condition.

How much will it cost? On average, it costs about $100 for a one-year authorization.

Where can I find a community of other medical users? Stop by the Cannabis Farmers Market at 1912 Center St. in Tacoma. It's the largest source of medical cannabis in the state. It is a great place to meet others.

I'm sure that everyone still has many questions. Unfortunately I can't predict the future and the Washington State Liquor Control Board has until Dec. 13, 2013 to finish the rule-making process. At that point I will be able to have more information for you to stay safe in this new world we find ourselves living in. I hope to see everyone down at the 10-year anniversary of the Olympia Hempfest July 27 and 28. Keep an eye on

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