Dances with Schwimmer

By Nikki McCoy on January 28, 2013


I stalk people. It's part of my job at the Weekly Volcano. I dive deep into websites on a particular topic or person then compile it into a neat little package for you.

This week, I stalked Benji Schwimmer, a 29-year-old California native who began competitive dancing at the age of 5.  His skills landed him the title of World Swing Champ, So You Think You Can Dance winner, guest coach and dancer on Dancing with the Stars, music videos, movies and more. (Thanks Wikipedia.)

Friday, Schwimmer will be at Studio 6 Ballroom in Tacoma. If you register by today, you may dance with him.

My stealthy Schwimmer search leads me to believe the dude not only knows how to dance, he knows how to have fun. His Facebook profile shows him striking a pose in a lily-white armchair next to a lamp as tall as a tree. An interview he did with Out magazine states he did the interview via Skype naked in a bathtub. And, by some sort of mathematical property, Schwimmer is friends with Studio 6 master coach Natasha Thayer - Thayer has partied with Gloria Estefan at a salsa jam - therefore Schwimmer must be an awesome fun salsa dancer. He also has fun on planes. ...

"I have convinced my colleague to take a day out of his busy schedule to visit Tacoma and Studio 6 Ballroom," says Thayer. "He loves working with my students. He's excited to come. I would feel it a disservice to the area if we didn't spread the word and make him available for everyone to get a lesson from!"

As I mentioned, today is the last day to register for Schwimmer dance lessons. For more info or to register, click here.

I lifted his lesson plan from the Studio 6 Ballroom website and posted it below.