South Sound Sidekick: Parenting advice for punk rockers

By Volcano Staff on January 26, 2013

Parenting saves lives. Punk rock saves lives also. Combining these two forces can make for a uniquely fun and enriching experience for kids and parents alike. As part of our South Sound Sidekick series Cameron Clearwater of the band Electric Falcons, and father to two daughters and a stepson, has parenting advice for punk rockers. 

Cameron Clearwater writes,

Punk rock parents already have a leg up in the "cool" department because they are typically younger than most other parents in any given child's age group. Why this is should be somewhat obvious. This narrower gap in age often means said parents are more likely to be in tune with what's going on with the youth of today. At least we would like to think so. Here are some tips on keeping the family stoked and allowing the kids to keep THEIR cred.

Don't try and force your child to love the Melvins. By all means make underground music available to them via your normal listening routine at home or cruising around town and whatnot. Just remember that your parents' Jethro Tull or Lawrence Welk albums or whatever is partially responsible for your first mohawk. The younger ones are more impressionable and eager to please but I guarantee if you try and strongly impose Black Flag on any tween or teen you will hear nothing but Skrillex blasting from their room for months. And NEVER bombard them with your own band. Give them a nudge in the right direction and access to your music collection and they will come around. Or not. This also goes with attire and style. After all, the essence of punk rock is individual personal expression.

Prepare well-rounded nutritional meals daily and try to include at least one green vegetable per meal. Just because you can thrive living in a van for weeks, as well as getting by on a strict diet of dollar menu Taco Bell and PBR, doesn't mean your kids can. They shouldn't anyway. The kiddos need brain food for homework and strong bodies for future mosh pit stamina.

If you are musically inclined, don't try and be the fucking Punk Rock Partridge Family. Most likely your gear has already been trashed by you way harder than what any kid could do to it. Let 'em have at it. If they wanna rock, you will know. I got my oldest daughter a small acoustic guitar that was mostly a fun prop that bounced around for years. She got into cello in school and became good at teaching herself basic piano stuff. Now, at 14, she has an electric guitar and is killing it! Show them a bar chord and hope that they don't ask for more or your cover is blown.

Do your best to make it FUN for everyone and raise those kids right. They will be changing your diapers before you know it. Most likely they are also your retirement plan because we all know Punk Rock pays no bills. Now if you will excuse me, my favorite Rihanna, err, I mean Nirvana song is coming on and I have dishes and laundry to attend to.

Over and out.

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