Save The Date: 2013 Best of Olympia Party

By Volcano Staff on January 25, 2013


The Weekly Volcano's annual Best of Olympia party is one month away, which means you need to hit the "+" button on your electronic calendar and set Wednesday, Feb. 20 as the night you will be partying with the Olympia community. Type in "Capitol Theater" as the Location. Select 6 p.m. as the Start Time. Select 9 p.m. as the End Time. In the Notes field, type: "This is a free event featuring the Tush Burlesque Troupe, emcee Elizabeth Lord, bands Mosquito Hawk and Science!, films, beer and wine, raffle prizes, Best of Olympia winner announcements and more." 

There, you're set. You'll enjoy a cornucopia of Olympia culture packed into one early evening. Bonus: You'll know the 2013 Best of Olympia winners before the rest of the world. We'll announce the winners and distribute copies of the special issue the night before it hits the streets.

The 2013 Best of Olympia Readers' Poll will remain open until this coming Thursday night. The important thing to remember is the 2013 Best of Olympia Readers' Poll is your chance to give recognition to the people, places and things in Olympia and Thurston County that deserve it. Vote now!

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