Checking in on Tacoma Brewing Company's Kickstarter

By Jackie Fender on January 3, 2013


Kickstarter has helped many big thinkers get the funding necessary to make hopeful projects come to fruition. The crowdfunding model sprung up in part due to the squeeze of the financial collapse. Small business loans have become more difficult to get in the wake of the recession; even if a business does qualify, it can take a long time for it to see the money.

Morgan Alexander knows this. The burgeoning brewmaster operates his Tacoma Brewing Company out of his teensy-weensy coffee shop - the Amocat Café in Tacoma's Triangle District. His unique and experimental brews - such as Bloody Mary IPA and Bourbon Oaked Imperial Stout - are damn tasty. Problem is, his batches are small due to space confinement. Therefore, he has launched a Tacoma Brewing Company Kickstarter.

If he hits his Kickstarter goal, Alexander aims to upgrade his brewing equipment and secure a warehouse space. His goal is a measly and attainable $5,000. These funds will help Tacoma Brewing to brew more, maybe even making it accessible to local pubs tap list, which is a good thing.

Contributors will be handsomely rewarded with swag such as car decals, buttons and T-shirts. And for the high rollers awaits an invite to the exclusive VIP release party, and a chance to brew beside Alexander.

"The response has, overall, has been really incredible. It's great to see the community rally behind these really great projects like the South Sound Users Guide, Tacoma Makes Playing Cards and Libertine Salts. We want to be a part of that."

Tacoma Brewing Company has until Jan. 14 to fulfill its dream of large-space brewing. To donate visit the TBC Kickstarer.

Every Friday night Tacoma Brewing Company invites the public to whet its whistle and try new brew recipes at Amocat Cafe. Currently, Alexander is focusing on winter flavors such as a coffee stout and pomegranate porter, but there are light brews too.

Follow the Tacoma Brewing Company's Facebook for updates and event invites.