Tacoma rockers Legend of Bigfoot on national TV Sunday

By Nikki McCoy on January 3, 2013


Tacoma rockers The Legend of Bigfoot will make an appearance on Animal Planet's reality TV series, Finding Bigfoot. The show airs Sunday, Jan. 6 at 10 p.m. Legend of Bigfoot guitarist Jason Flom gives us a rundown on the long wait, and how it all happened.

November 2011: The Legend of Bigfoot was featured on KISW's Loud and Local band of the week as part of Van Conner's (Screaming Trees) new record label, Strange Earth. A couple days later, a production assistant - a local guy and a rock fan - contacted the group via Facebook.

"As communication opened up the topic of using our music on the show came up," says Flom. "I seized the opportunity and said ‘Hey, if you ever want to use us on the show. ... A few months later, after you start to wonder if they'll even get back to you, they contacted us."

June 2012: "I hear from him that they would be filming an episode up here in the Northwest and maybe we could be a part of it. So we ended up finding out on a Tuesday that filming would commence on Friday - at a bar down in Olympia. So we had to kick it into high gear. Van Conner, who is the head of our record company Strange Earth Records, came through with a huge banner to hang behind us, along with T-shirts made especially for the event.

"We showed up on Friday night, set up, the cast and crew arrived and we were filmed playing a mini-set with the cast sitting in front of us. At one point Cliff from the cast grabbed a guitar and jammed with us during ‘The Fire.' It was insane! The place was packed. I only hope the cool vibe of that night shows through on television - national television!

December 31, 2012: Flom finds out the show will air in six days. "I announced it on January 1 - started the year off right!"

January 6, 2013: The show airs! "We're not sure what to expect from the finished product, but whether it amounts to 30 seconds or 5 minutes, we're extremely grateful for the national TV exposure and honored that we were chosen to be part of the show. I for one am a huge fan of it. I'll just be sitting there as it airs, with my wife by my side, my dog in my lap, and a glass of champagne."

Spring 2013: "Our new album, Door To The Sky, will be out this spring, available worldwide online via Strange Earth Records. We will also have an album release party.