COMMENT OF THE DAY: Ride your bike to school

By Volcano Staff on January 21, 2013


Yesterday's comment of the day comes from Jon in response to the Weekly Volcano's intern Mckenna's story on how the failure of the Pierce Transit Prop 1 measure will make it harder for students to get to school.

Jon writes,

Those in decent physical condition can always ride a bicycle as an alternative and get rain gear (there are inexpensive bike rain capes at Amazon). However this won't work in ice or snow days on the road of which fortunately are few in numbers. Myself, I obtained a Veltop (Classic + model) windshield, top cover with vinyl transparent side curtains to ride most of the year on a bicycle without getting wet (although with this particular bicycle accessory I also can't ride during times of high winds either). Riding with my Veltop is far more pleasant than riding with a rain cape but it is also much more expensive and bulky.

Another alternative is to get a under 30 mph gas powered scooter (used perhaps $750 or so) as this doesn't require a motorcycle endorsement. (I think that no insurance is required too though I am not sure of this.)

The physically disabled Pierce Transit users will be hurt the most by cutbacks, though.