Bob's Java Jive needs your help

By Volcano Staff on February 5, 2013


The Weekly Volcano can't count the number of times we have written stories about Bob's Java Jive - the Tacoma legend — needing help to stay alive. We have urged readers to save, honor, pay tribute to, support and celebrate the Jive — either by our pleading, on behalf of Dani Staatz, Bob's daughter, or by request from longtime supporters such as Girl Trouble and Dave Graham. We have even relayed the happenings of the Java Jive Appreciation Society.


We love the Java Jive. Tacoma loves Bob's Java Jive — although apparently not enough. The Weekly Volcano just fielded a call from Jive supporter Joe Thomas asking us to spread the word that the Jive is doomed unless it receives help installing a new heater and new beer compressor, both of which are sitting inside the South Tacoma Way tavern. Thomas is pleading to electricians to help install the units out of the kindness of their hearts. The Jive doesn't have any money.

If you want to help, call 253.535.1019 during the day, or 253.475.9843 at night. If you drop by with your tool belt tonight, you will enjoy karaoke with host Nikki Weatherhead.