Thurston County: Drivers stoned on marijuana test their driving skills

By Nikki McCoy on February 19, 2013


Sometimes, the Weekly Volcano World Headquarters' breakroom turns into the greenroom. After all, the giggle bush paraphernalia is kept next to the company fridge, which is full of diet Shasta and Rainier (perfect for cotton mouth.) Except for the vape machine; Pappi Swarner likes to keep that beauty next to his Mac. Anyway, we have "Sasquatch" the eight-foot bong (a morning time favorite), "Alice" the hookah (group brainstorm sessions) and "Sneaky Pete" (for when we step out the back door for a little Lakewood fresh air).

PUBLSIHER: What Nikki wrote is not true.

So when we caught all the "buzz" (giggle, giggle) about CNN's investigative report from Thurston County on marijuana's affect on driving skills, we had to share.

PUBLSIHER: I have a cup of tea next to my Mac.

We must add, the daily, "heavy user" medical marijuana patient - a 27-year-old babe that exclaims "awesome!" around every turn - can come to our parties anytime.

PUBLISHER: Obviously we do enjoy the word "awesome," but we haven't had any parties since Matt Driscoll left.

And so can the driving instructor, who basically said everyone drove fine, up to like seven times the legal limit of 5 nanograms. What a bro.

PUBLISHER: Did Nikki just call the driving instructor "bro"?

You know what? Even that cop who agreed with the instructor, and the "occasional" smoker - invite them, too! They can all come to our parties - as long as they bring some of that Blueberry Trainwreck.

PUBLISHER: Don't come to our office. And don't bring muffins.