South Sound Sidekick: How to take care of your skin

By Volcano Staff on April 13, 2013

South Sound Sidekick series offers advice from experts living in the, well, South Sound. It posts every Friday - sometimes on Saturday. Today, esthetician and spa owner  Stacey Gravatt has some advice on skin acre for Spring 2013.

Stacey Gravatt writes,

Is your skin feeling dry and dull? Does it have a case of the winter blues? Believe me you are not alone. Winter in the Pacific Northwest definitely takes its toll on us. Chances are this blustery season may have left your skin feeling like a reptile and screaming for attention. Good news is it's nothing that a good Spring Tune up won't take care of.

Skincare 101: Facials are amazing. Fact is, there is nothing like seeking a professional to help you balance your skin and get your glow back on. Most estheticians will offer several customized options to meet your needs without busting your budget. Remember this is the only skin that you have, and it's worth spending a few bucks on.

Can't afford a fancy facial? Seeing an esthetician seasonally really is the best idea, but if you just can't swing it here is some basic skincare advice to help you keep your skin in tip top shape.

If your skin is dry you should be using a cleanser that is creamy and hydrating, such as hylauronic acid or ceramides. Cleansing your face before bedtime, and simply splashing with water in the morning is usually enough.

If you are more on the oily side a cleanser with salicylic or glycolic acid is a must. No need to spend lots of moola on your cleanser as it is on your skin for mere seconds. Save your cash for a fabulous serum or anti aging moisturizer instead.

Exfoliation is critical in removing those nasty dead skin cells 2-3 times a week. Your exfoliant should be mild enough not to irritate your skin, but effective enough to get the job done. Use something gentle and leave the serious stuff to your esthetician. I prefer Biotherapeutics Exfoliate.

What kind of treatment do you need? Everyone's skin tells a different story however serums containing Vitamin C, Retinol and Peptides are the rave for anti aging. All of these ingredients can be active, and irritate skin if overused or if your skin is sensitive. Eye Cream and Lip Peptides are great treatment products that anyone can and should use.

People sometimes believe that if they are greasy they should not add moisture, but it is indeed the opposite. By not moisturizing your skin turns into panic mode and starts to overproduce sebum, which may cause more breakouts and problematic skin. Your moisturizer and makeup should definitely be lighter in the spring and summer.

Wear your SPF. I cannot stress how important this is, even in the winter. I know the sun feels good, but do your skin a favor and apply an SPF 15 at the least.

Is time of the essence? Take care of your skin in 5 minutes a day by keeping your skincare simple. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on products that are going to sit under the bathroom sink. It doesn't really work unless you consistently use it.

Your skin is a filter and drinking water helps to rid your skin of toxins as well as keeping your skin plump and hydrated.

Also, and the is a tough one, take 15 minutes at the end of your day to relax and decompress with a facial mask, or some chilly cucumbers on your eyes, which can work wonders.

Stacey Gravatt, LE, LMP co-owns Spa Aneity at 613 Capitol Way in Olympia. You may reach her at 360.357.6953.

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