South Side Sidekick: Spring is hair!

By Volcano Staff on April 5, 2013

South Sound Sidekick series offers advice from experts living in the, well, South Sound. It posts every Friday. Today, hair stylist and blogger Allison Stewart has some advice on hair styles for Spring 2013.

Allison Stewart writes,

With the onset of spring and summer, you may be looking in the mirror right about now wondering how you ended up with dreadlocks over this past winter, and more importantly, how you're going to transform them into something fresh and inspiring. 

As a hairstylist (in training) and hair blogger, "fresh and inspiring" are two words that are continually circulating in my head. What do those words mean to you? Something new? Something that feels good in your hands; that puts a little extra pep in your step? However those words ring, it's an ideal time to manifest them into something you can wear atop your precious mug. There are so many awesome ways to play with your hair this summer.

It's important to consider your lifestyle during the hot months. If you're like most, you're probably more inclined to go for something low maintenance and easily attainable, yet offers style and charm. And of course, easy at-home-care is essential.

Maybe it's the whole Mad Men thing that's still hanging on, but classical and timeless cuts on men are back. You don't have to wear a suit to pull it off either. Go clean around the ears, starting with a 2-inch guard on bottom and a 3-inch around the ears, blending it with more length on top to slick over or wear a little messy. This style, whether it be with straight or curly hair is a versatile and handsome-as-all-hell cut on men and most importantly, it's really easy to achieve, maintain and style at home. Just get comfortable using clippers and guards.

If you're not comfortable using scissors on top, just stick with a much larger guard to keep that length. You can play around with different guard sizes to find a more suitable length all around if super short isn't your thing. Here's a trick for blending: flip your guard up a half inch (you should have a lever) between the sizes. Blending the length on top with the back and sides may take a little more practice. But hey, the difference between a good haircut and bad haircut (for men) is two weeks. Be brave!  

Ladies, I dare you crawl out of your shell this this summer with some sun kissed highlights. If you're already a blond shade, get some extra light baby blond balayage in that sexy mess. If you're a brunette, try some light caramel-colored highlights. You'll be shocked and pleasantly surprised how much highlighting your hair can offer you an almost complete style all it's own.

When wearing your hair down, highlights give the appearance of thicker texture and more body. If you like to throw it up, it adds a multitude of dimension, making your otherwise messy bun look more intentional. This isn't something I suggest you do at home. But the nice thing about getting highlights in summer, is they will last ALL summer without much need for a retouch. I also encourage some layering, which in summer heat and humidity will give you great body and movement. Also, are you familiar with braids? If not, get familiar. They're summery, feminine, beautiful and easy. 

Going to a high-end salon isn't always necessary to try simple, non-complicated ideas. Beauty schools are a fantastic and inexpensive place to test out simple color and easy cuts, as well as for getting "how-tos" on styles . Just make sure to ask for a senior stylist. For awesome pictures, tutorials and inspiration, visit my blog at 

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