The Mouth: Rev. Colin's stolen fez, Red's Valley Pub, Pacific Brewing update, broom flying and more ...

By Volcano Staff on June 4, 2013


Recently as Rev. Colin and his karaoke system were bring joy to the masses at engine House No. 9, a roughian brazenly snatched Colin's beloved Cthulhu fez and quickly staggered down the street. Because Colin is a true professional he wasn't about to leave Chad and Amber hostless as they tackled "With Arms Wide Open" by Creed. Needless to say, Colin is pissed. If you have seen his fez with the green tassel, please inform the authorities, or contact Colin through his Tacoma Cult Movie Club Facebook.

Red's Valley Pub down the street from the Tacoma Dome on Puyallup Avenue has closed. Owner Red says stay tuned for updates.

More than 500 supporters celebrated LeMay - America's Car Museum's (ACM) one-year anniversary gala Saturday, June 1. Through auctions, donations and more, the museum raised more than $300,000, which will go toward funding new exhibits and key programs. 

Pacific Brewing continues its taproom construction in the basement of Old City Hall Annex at 610 Pacific Avenue in downtown Tacoma. Click here for an update.

Kevin Freitas has posted a lovely photo of Tacoma's Opera House, and reminds everyone that B Sharp Coffee House will soon grace the alleyway.

YOU'VE BEEN WARNED: Dunkin' Donuts is taking the doughnut bacon sandwich national.

WHAT DOES THE SPACE NEEDLE TASTE LIKE?: Ben & Jerry's to produce original flavors for New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland.

REPORT: Apple pushing to unveil Internet radio service.

GAME OF THRONES: Red wedding freak-outs caught on tape.

BLACK SABBATH: The band's new record is streaming on iTunes.

BONUS: 20 great albums you can download for free.

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