Tacoma City Ballet Scavenger Hunt November clue

By Volcano Staff on November 1, 2013

For the past 10 months you have been chasing Tacoma City Ballet nuts around Tacoma. The ballet company has been hiding Golden Krakatuk Nuts as a promotion for its highly anticipated December performances of The Nutcracker and The Tale of the Hard Nut, a prequel to the original Nutcracker, which explains why a prince is trapped inside a nutcracker doll. The contest in a nutshell: TCB hides the nuts inside jewel boxes around Tacoma; inside the boxes is a scroll with prize details, such as gift certificates, merchandise or tickets to the performance.  

Anyway, the November Golden Krakatuk Nut clue dropped this morning. This clue will guide you to a restaurant, shop or other business at which the nuts may be in plain sight or may be behind the counter.

Here you go you nuts:

Only three boxes are hidden this month in our fair city.
And to figure out November's clue,
you must be quite witty.

November's Krakatuk Clue

If I were a Mermaid floating in the beautiful sea,

I would wear something so shimmery

And float away as if in a dream

In a little round ball, I could be seen.

Do you know what that means? Are you off to find the golden nut? A limited number of prizes will be available, so speed counts.