Washington National Guard IS the 12th Man

By Northwest Military News Team on January 16, 2014

Here is what we know about the National Guard:

The National Guard was formed in the 17th century as the militia of the colonists in North America.

National Guard soldiers have fought in every U.S. war since 1637.

Other reserve groups have no affiliation with the National Guard, such as the Army Reserve.

Each U.S. state and Washington D.C. has its own National Guard.

The National Guard takes an oath to perform state or federal missions and can be deployed for either. A governor can call up troops to assist in national disasters or the president can order troops to foreign nations on federal missions.

In times of peace, the National Guard trains one weekend a month and two weeks during the year.

The National Guard, well at least the Washington National Guard, are huge Seahawks fans, and are not shy, according to another batch of photos out of Camp Murray.

(If the Seahawks beat the 49ers Sunday, we suspect the Washington National Guard will send us 49 photos of them cheering on the Hawks. These people are crazy fans.)