Found on Craigslist: Plagiarism Paul, righteous TV and free romaine lettuce

By Nikki McCoy on February 26, 2014

Here at the Weekly Volcano, we love to crack a few cold ones and dig through the weird world of Craigslist. From stripper poles and hobbit feet, to marijuana and awkward walking partners, we've reported our favorite finds.

It's time again for another installation of "Found on Craigslist."

Let's start with the nut that inspired the hunt for more Craigslist gems. (Thanks for the lead, Vince.)

Meet Plagiarism Paul, who lives in Elma and takes selfies while dressed in capris to help solicit some sap to do his college essay. Compensation is "up for discussion." 

Perhaps the best category - freebies! Sifting through the free toilets and other garbage, here are a couple that grabbed our eye:

Free: Righteous wood encased TV from the 80s

"Are you throwing an 80s party and short on decorations? Are you infatuated with wood encased electronics? Are you retro? Do you like to watch old music videos on a TV that would bring back some memories? What about playing your original Nintendo on this bad boy? Are you still hanging on to that old cable box from the 80s with the dial on front of it that will let you watch contraband cable channels through the lines when you hold it between channels or cram some baseball cards in behind the dial? If you're into bringing back old memories and providing yourself with hours of joy, this TV is for you! Help this TV fulfill its final destiny with one last hurrah before it heads off to the appliance recycling pile!"

Kudos for your efforts on a marketing plan, Craigslister, but something tells me you will be taking it to the recycling pile after all.

This one just has a funny headline: Large Collection of Pain used in various projects (Spanaway)

Next: We all know you can buy "greens" on Craigslist these days, but what about this bag? Any takers? Hmm? Beuler?