Tacoma Beer Week 2014 launches today

By Ron Swarner on March 3, 2014

Tacoma Beer Week begins its run today.

Well, check that. It technically began yesterday when The Red Hot tapped the Neo Noir IPA, the Black Belgian IPA brewed earlier this year during a group hug by brewers from "Narrows Brewing Company, Engine House No. 9, Pacific Brewing and Malting Co., Harmon Brewing Company, Tacoma Brewing Co., the Ram Restaurant and Brewery and Wingman Brewers."

Well, check that. A chap from Engine House No. 9 says the historic brewhouse didn't really have anything to do with it.

Anyway, the Neo Noir was an inspiration behind Tacoma Beer Week, with a big push from Narrows Brewing Company & Taproom, the birthplace of the Neo Noir. Around 20 kegs have been produced of the collaboration brew. Tacoma drinks; which means the kegs most likely won't be around during the week's closing ceremonies - although one is being held back for Pacific Brewing & Malting Co. for the day it finally opens in downtown Tacoma.

I toured several Tacoma breweries and pubs yesterday to grab a handle of Tacoma Beer Week. The weeklong celebration is a modest affair with local taverns and bars tapping the Neo Noir IPA, hosting Tacoma brews and will include special beer releases by Tacoma breweries.

>>> Beer words of wisdom found yesterday at Narrows Brewing Company & Taproom.

The official kickoff will be held at 2 p.m. today inside the Narrows Brewing Company & Taproom at the historic Narrows Marina. The celebration will last until it closes for the day. All pints sold during today's kick-off event will be priced at $4, with $1 from each pint sold going to benefit the Emergency Food Network. Be sure to toss non-perishable food items in marked bins too.

What can you expect at the 2 p.m. opening ceremony? A local dark beer fest featuring Tacoma's Neo Noir, of course, but also Darc Marc (Cascadian dark ale from M.T. Head Brewing Co.), Cross Pollination (imperial coconut porter from Harmon Brewing Co.), XLVIII (Narrows' oatmeal stout tribute to the Super Bowl), Narrows' Black Saison and others.

You don't have to wait for 2 p.m. to get your Tacoma beer on. The Red Hot, Parkway Tavern and Doyle's Public House will tap the Neo Noir today. Maxwell's Speakeasy, The Swiss, Puget Sound Pizza, Meconi's Pub & Eatery and Pacific Grill had Neo kegs delivered too.

The Red Hot will take the Tacoma beer experience one step further today hosting one beer from all Tacoma breweries at the same time, beginning at 11 a.m.:

For a schedule of Tacoma Beer Week events, check out Jackie Fender's preview story here.

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