Washington Guard asks you to Purple Up today for the Month of the Military Child

By Gary Lott on April 15, 2014

Showing your support for the dedication and sacrifices of our military children is all too easy with a little touch of color. Making a fashion statement to build awareness is nothing new for this generation, but part of that statement is being able to positively build awareness and inform others about the importance of a specific issue.

April marks the Month of the Military Child, and the Joint Services Support Directorate of the Washington National Guard is encouraging everyone to wear purple Tuesday, April 15 to recognize and acknowledge the sacrifices and dedications that military youth provide for this nation.

"Military children make daily contributions of strength and courage and should be commended," said Washington Air & Army National Guard Youth Lead Program Coordinator Robbin Seeberger. "The Washington National Guard Child & Youth Program works diligently to provide programs and seek out local opportunities of support for the youth across our state."

For the second year in a row, Governor Jay Inslee made sure that all of Washington state knew the importance of this very special day.

"Purple Up is a day to recognize the thousands of children in Washington whose moms and dads are serving our country, often overseas and for long periods of time," he said.    

Along with his comments of support, Gov. Inslee also signed a Purple Up for Military Children proclamation to commemorate the cause.

"We know these sacrifices can be hard on families," he said, "and this is just one small way of showing our appreciation and support for all they do."

When a parent deploys, the family is left behind.

"Often, parents who are deployed worry more about their families than their own situation, even in a combat environment," Joint Services Support Director and Washington National Guard Family Programs Director Lt. Col. Don Brewer said. "We are proud to provide support to those family members who are working hard to maintain their home without a loved one present."

Adjutant General of the Washington National Guard and Director of the Washington Military Department Maj. Gen. Bret Daugherty also emphasized this opportunity to recognize our military youth.

"The recognition of April as the Month of the Military Child provides an opportunity to pay tribute to military children for their commitment, their sacrifice and their unconditional support of our service members," Daugherty said. "When parents serve in the military, their kids serve, too. A month-long salute to military children will encourage local communities to provide direct support to them and their families."

Those interested in following along on social media are encouraged to follow #PurpleUp2014 and #MOMC. For more information, click here.