5 Things To Do Today: Super Circus Heroes, Katchafire, Gadabout Traveling Film Festival, Nacosta ...

By Volcano Staff on September 25, 2014

THURSDAY, SEPT. 25 2014 >>>

1. Superheroes are coming to Kent's ShoWare Center tonight. These "superheroes" don't actually fight crime. Instead, they battle against a more insidious threat to mankind: fickle, short-attention-span audiences. As part of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Presents Super Circus Heroes, these courageous do-gooders perform super-human feats of athleticism for your amusement. The storyline, such as it is, involves "Mr. Boredom" (award-winning clown Davis Vassallo of Italy, making his American debut), searching for his own superpower while witnessing such acts as The Cuban Comets (springboard artistes), sexy acrobats The Lightning Rods (the jokes write themselves with that name) and the Shaolin Warriors - who, among other feats, swing sticks, chains, swords and their bodies at one another in what looks like an effort to figure out which one of them is more macho.

2. The largest of 12 lakes in Lakewood's Lakes District, American Lake was once envisioned by Tacoma developers as an ideal resort location. But their grandiose dreams came to a crashing halt with the Panic of 1893. Author Nancy Covert has added another book focusing on the area, American Lake Vignettes, exploring the little-known history of American Lake, weaving together stories from lifelong residents. Join Covert for a vivid look back at life on American Lake at the Steilacoom Historical Museum, beginning at 7 p.m.

3. Like many a young independent filmmaker trying to get a foot in the door, Eric Ayotte felt disenfranchised. It's not an easy life, he learned, and you just have to make your own way through the muck. In 2002, he took his future into his own hands and started the ragtag gypsy Gadabout Traveling Film Festival. The microfest seeks not only to expose audiences to quality short films by unknowns, but also comes with live music by Ayotte. His sincere songs bring a political message as well as an emotional truth. This tour will be supporting his fourth full length record, Transparency, a full band album that explores the concept of honesty, and wanting more open communication from his community, government, friends, religions and himself. See it all at 8 p.m. in Northern.

4. Katchafire are an all-Maori reggae band from Hamilton, New Zealand. With three of the original band members coming from the same family, guitarist Grenville Bell and his sons Logan (vocal) and Jordan (drums/vocals), connections are a driving force behind the band. As the group's name suggests, Katchafire was inspired by Bob Marley, whose fifth album was titled "Catch a Fire." Katcha the band at 8 p.m. in Jazzbones.

5. Astral, visceral, ethereal - all of these "al" words describe Los Angeles indie rock band Nacosta. Synthy, dancey and poppy describe them, too. Releasing their first album this past spring, Under the Half Moon is full of harmonic tendencies, resulting in dreamy songs, backed by solid instrumental work. The song "Aberlina," for instance, is lyrically, and musically, a love story laced with creepiness, as good love stories should be. Do I hear a Beatles and other '60s psychedelic influence? And perhaps some Radiohead and other '90s pop influence as well? On a successful tour, including SXSW, these hotcakes will hit The Swiss at 9 p.m. before heading home and busting out another album. Catch them while you can.

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