Dillinger's Cocktails & Kitchen

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404 Washington St.
Olympia, Washington 98501
(360) 515-0650


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American, Dessert, Late Night
Credit Cards Accepted, Full Bar, Late Night
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Reviewed by: Nikki McCoy

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John Dillinger, the depression-era outlaw whose gang robbed two dozen banks and prompted the induction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is the inspiration behind the name Dillinger's Cocktails and Kitchen, a new business located at 404 Washington Street in downtown Olympia.

And, coincidentally, not only was the building constructed in 1926, but the space Dillinger's now occupies used to be a bank. There is an actual vault inside the establishment, and the metal door, decorative in design, is swung open at all times to invite visitors into the historic room to dine and imbibe.

The 900-square-foot space boasts prohibition-era décor with a menu designed toward classy eats and craft cocktails. Elegant chandeliers hang from the ceiling, high-back chairs and cozy booths grace the tables as moody mauves and blues set the tone.

The place was packed, the bartenders were looking sharp, and there was no shortage of enjoyment as I tried my first Dillinger's cocktail, the Hanky Panky ($8). Stirred and served up in a lovely etched glass, the combination of gin, sweet vermouth and Fernet was pleasing. These three ingredients are complex on their own, so to get them in a glass together and have it taste so good is a definite skill.

The small plate I ordered was bacon-roasted blackened pork with herbed goat cheese polenta, winter greens and garlic mustard cream sauce ($9).  This one doesn't need my praise - it speaks for itself. I didn't have room for the whiskey donut bread pudding with Four Roses spiced ice cream, but there is always next time.

Outside of the awesome food, drinks and gangster/prohibition/speakeasy vibe, perhaps what is most impressive is that this bar fills a niche in the community.

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