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5015 S. Center St.
Tacoma, WA 98409
(253) 202-8197


American, Mexican
Credit Cards Accepted, Kid-Friendly, Outdoor Dining, Take-out
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Reviewed by: Jackie Fender

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Ricos menu selection excels compared to other local food trucks. You may dine on tacos, mulitas, burritos, tortas, quesadillas sopitos, mulitas, quesadillas, carne asada and breakfast staples such as huevos rancheros - perfect for their early birds since they are open in the morning - all at affordable prices ranging from $5-10.

Ok, OK, Tacos. Yes, it's the first testament of taco truck greatness. I opted for its taco special - four tacos and a can of soda for a mere $5. The small, corn tortillas are filled with your choice of chicken or pork, punched with minced onions, cilantro and lime. Super yum. The pork bits were tender and moist, though I would have enjoyed more spice. Spicy pork should be spicy pork. The flavor was intact.

For those looking to bump up the spice there's a salsa bar with red or green salsa, pickled carrots, radishes and lime wedges stored on ice.

I also dove into the sopitos. The thick crispy corn shell laid a solid, delicious foundation for refried beans, fresh shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and crema. Pick your meat, add a mandarin Jarritos, check for the condiments of marinated carrots, and you're in Ricos heaven.

For those who don't love Mexican food, but want to dine at a taco drink next to a gas station, Ricos features a few Americano options. Chicken nuggets shaped liked dinosaurs, a burger, club sandwich and grilled cheese sandwich. That's fine. The side fries are the star. Ricos' seasoning has a bit of zestiness likened to a classic seasoned fry flavor.


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