Mizu Japanese Steakhouse

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3116 Judson Street
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
(253) 853-4020


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Credit Cards Accepted, Full Bar, Kid-Friendly, Vegetarian-Friendly

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Reviewed by: Jennifer Johnson

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Last May Mizu Japanese Steakhouse opened a new location in Gig Harbor. The entrance features a captivating ceiling-to-floor water feature; big red letters spell "Mizu" across backlit white screens that are the backdrop for eight teppanyaki iron grill stations; red and black accents and rich, dark wood dominate the minimally-decorated space. Looking around, Mizu feels more New York or San Francisco than Gig Harbor strip mall.

Teppanyaki stations are the real attraction. At Mizu it's OK to play with the food - at least if you're a chef. Juggling, ping-pong and tennis come to mind ... chop, sizzle, toss and flip. Shiny knives and gleaming spatulas are used in place of rackets and paddles in a one-man show. The end result is mouthwatering meals of vegetables, tofu, seafood and steak cooked hibachi-style before your eyes in an entertaining and somewhat interactive fashion ($15.95 to $38.95).

For those not into the teppanyaki show, Mizu has traditional restaurant seating and a tapas menu that is tasty and approachable for less than $9. Fish balls anyone? Tuna, scallop, crab and red snapper are hand-formed and rolled in crunchy panko.  Chicken karaage, only lightly dusted in flour, has never been so moist. Try bacon-wrapped scallops; baked muscles with scallions; and tuna prepared either tartare or in tacos. Beer, wine, specialty cocktails and sakes are also served in this upscale restaurant.


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