Tacos Guaymas

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10105 South Tacoma Way

Beer and Wine Only, Credit Cards Accepted, Kid-Friendly, Outdoor Dining, Take-out

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Reviewed by: Jake and Jason de Paul

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The real deal.  Seriously. 

Tacos Guaymas has changed our way of thinking about tacos permanently. No hard taco shell. No lettuce. No ground beef. No cheese.  In fact, there was nothing at all to resemble a classic American taco. Thank goodness.

Instead, we were given two authentic Mexican tacos.Each consisted of small morsels of charcoal-grilled beef topped with cilantro-rich pico de gallo and salsa, encased in a double wrapping of soft, warm, fresh white corn tortillas about the width of a softball.

All in all, a very casual and tasty experience. 


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