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2505 Fourth Ave W, Unit 108,
Olympia, WA, 98502
(360) 754-3393


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Italian, Pizza
Beer and Wine Only, Credit Cards Accepted, Kid-Friendly
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Reviewed by: Jake and Jason de Paul

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Joining the growing river that is the sustainability movement, creators of I.Talia Pizzeria in Olympia proudly use green power. To top it off, I.Talia Pizzeria uses almost 100 percent organic ingredients in many of its dishes, and it shows in the taste and quality of the food. Conscious thought goes into everything - even what is done with the trash. Produce waste goes for compost instead of the landfill. The Capital Mall restaurant serves authentic thin crust Italian style pizzas, enticing organic baked pesto lasagna, creative roasted sandwiches, healthy salads, and Olympic Mountain gelato.

They also offer hal-price wines on Wednesdays. Nice.


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