Alfred's Cafe and Bubble Room

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402 Puyallup Avenue East
Tacoma, WA 98421
(253) 627-5491

American, Breakfast, Italian
Credit Cards Accepted, Full Bar

The Review

Reviewed by: Jake de Paul

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Alfred's Café and Bubble Room's menu is so extensive, we frequent the joint frequently.  In fact, sometimes it's near impossible to decide what to chow on with more than 10 appetizers, five salads, 12 types of hand-thrown pizza, six entrees and 10 sandwiches.

When you drop in for the weekend breakfasts, the triple-decker Monte Cristo with ham, turkey, Swiss and cheddar cheeses is a stack of sandwich devilry - grilled on all six sides like a cubic block and served with requisite raspberry jam. Pancakes are huge, bacon is peppered and everything else good diner fare.

Very popular breakfast during Seahawks season before boarding the Sounder train to Seattle.


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