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29 North Tacoma Avenue
Tacoma, WA 98403-3124
(253) 272-1193

American, Breakfast
Credit Cards Accepted, Full Bar, Kid-Friendly, Take-out

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Reviewed by: Jake de Paul

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The six cushy stools bolted in front of the Harvester's counter doesn't receive much breakfast action, but the booths and tables in the main dining room do - although mainly on the weekends. The bell dings, interrupting the soft pop music overhead, and most likely one of the 15 omelets will be rushed to patron, who has already been offered 15 cups of coffee. Pete Pilkey's Pick omelets arrive at our table most often. We dig the hard cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese shell loaded with green and red peppers, onions and diced sausage. However, all your favorite traditional morning starts are represented.

They have a full lunch and dinner menu, too.

The lounge is very popular.


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