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1103 Tacoma Ave. S
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 572-3647

American, Burgers/Hot Dogs
Credit Cards Accepted, Kid-Friendly, Take-out

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Reviewed by: Jennifer Johnson

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From all beef kosher dogs to a vegetarian soy option, Hot Rod Dog offers a lightning quick lunch time alternative to drive through or sit down dining in downtown Tacoma. After a four-year stint on Pacific Avenue, the hot dog purveyor opened another location at South 11th and Tacoma Avenue in the remodeled building that once held the legendary jazz joint Kelly's.

The space is small with very limited seating. It's really "grab and go." My Italian Sausage, a meatless organic tofu dog made with basil and sun-dried tomato, was still hot when I opened it back at my office. Loaded with sweet chili sauce, mustard, pepperoncinis, chopped white onion, green relish, and salt and pepper, I could still taste the sun-dried tomato. The tofu texture was not too spongy either. The bun was fresh and held up to loads of condiments (dogs are served naked, you decide on toppings).

Rod's most popular dogs are the mozzarella sausage and the kielbasa. Both are custom made and smoked by Blue Max Sausage Company in Puyallup. Blue Max also makes the andouille and bratwurst.

Cilantro chili, sodas, chips, and energy drinks are also sold.

Dogs average $3.99.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday


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