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10224 196th St. Ct. E.
(253) 847-3853

Asian, Chinese
Credit Cards Accepted, Kid-Friendly, Vegetarian-Friendly
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Reviewed by: Jake and Jason de Paul

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Opening in the summer of 2007, Thai Mekong has developed loyal clientele in the Graham area who make repeat visits part of their regular dinner plans.  Family owned and operated, the medium-sized restaurant is located in a newer strip mall set back from Meridian Avenue. It appears as an island in a sea of fields, farming and undeveloped land. Focusing on freshness, Mekong is open for lunch and dinner serving traditional Thai as well as Vietnamese and Chinese dishes.

For variety, the appetizer sampler is the way to go. You can swap out what you don’t want for more of what you love. We skipped the deep-fried egg roll and had an extra spring roll. Crisp lettuce, julienned carrots, fresh cilantro, soft rice vermicelli, and cooked shrimp were rolled in a rice paper wrapper.

Pork candy â€" it’s sweet, meaty and finger-lickin’ good. Heavily marinated and barbecued till lightly charred, this Thai-style barbecue pork had a slight zing of chili pepper heat and a subtle hint of garlic underlying the sweet forefront of flavor.


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