So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye ... until tomorrow

By McKenna Snyder on January 29, 2013


Tomorrow, Jan. 30 marks the end of my internship at the Weekly Volcano World Headquarters. I had such a great time keeping up this blog. Thank you, readers, for sticking with me in my short time here on Spew. I am grateful for all the positive feedback I have received. Your feedback has helped me improve as a writer and as a journalist.

I would like to thank the businesses that welcomed me such as My Cheese Shoppe, Anthem, Enchanted Harp and Trappers Sushi. Special thanks to my dear mother who had to drive me around everywhere since her lazy teen-age daughter refuses to get her driver's license. Also, I'd like to thank my dad who got more excited about my blog than I did.

Don't cry, dear readers, I still have one more blog coming. Tomorrow, I will visit the South Hill Mall to check out the clothes kiosk Me-ality. Apparently, I pop into a machine, it scans me and then tells me what kind of clothes I should buy, or what would be my perfect fit. I hope the machine can tell me where to find a comfy pair of jeans!

I almost forgot - a HUGE thank you to the Weekly Volcano staff. You have made my first work experience a great one! Maybe I will return one day to write for you again? I hope so. But, for now, here is your special goodbye: 

Me saying goodbye.