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Aaron Stevens’ Goldfinch teams with Spaceworks Tacoma

Local indie folk band to record new album at 1310 MLK

GOLDFINCH: Aaron Stevens and Co. will record a new record with the help of Spaceworks Tacoma. Courtesy Peter Berkley

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The Spaceworks Tacoma program, described as a joint initiative of the City of Tacoma, Shunpike and the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce, strives to match creative groups and empty spaces in downtown Tacoma. Recently, local band Goldfinch took up residence at 1310 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, on Hilltop.

"We look for artists, groups, and creative businesses that produce quality work, can engage the community, and can use a vacant space to take their project to the next level," says Rebecca Solverson, Spaceworks Tacoma coordinator.

While Spaceworks is most known for working with visual artists, the program has jumped into the world of music before, including collaborating with the Red Hex - and Slushy-powered The Coma Collective.

Goldfinch is an eclectic band, often classified as indie folk rock. Founded by Aaron Stevens, Goldfinch has changed significantly since the band's one-and-only previous album. Now, with an entirely new lineup of musicians (aside from Stevens), Goldfinch plans to record a second album with the help of Spaceworks.

"We have never had a studio space like this before," says Stevens. "We needed somewhere we could set up and not have to tear down after every single practice. With everyone in the band working and having lives and families and kids, it gets very difficult to block out practice time. (The Spaceworks location) will allow us to be very focused for the next few months."

Goldfinch's goal for its time at this studio is not just to record, but also to hone new material. The band's intent is to record this album with all band members in the studio at once.

"This recording style is not new, but it's uncommon these days. It's imperative that we are well-rehearsed," says Stevens. "My hope is that our tenure (at the Spaceworks location) will give us the creative space needed to release our record this spring."

The space itself - which Stevens refers to as simply 1310 MLK - is a former salon, and even still has a large hot tub and a fountain on the back wall.

"It is definitely not set up as a recording studio," says Stevens. "It is actually a pretty rudimentary space, but that's kind of what I love about it."

Additionally, 1310 MLK is right in the middle of one of the jazziest parts of Hilltop. Other Spaceworks-housed programs nearby include Live Paint, Fab-5, and N. Dybevik Piano Co. And let's not forget the close proximity to Fulcrum Gallery and Quickie Too.

"Spaceworks started programming this building last summer," says Solverson. "It quickly went from vacant to bursting at the seams with positive, creative activity."

Goldfinch plans to open the space to the public, especially for Third Thursday ArtWalks. Stevens says Goldfinch hopes to invite friends and strangers alike to get feedback and expose people to the band's new material.

Goldfinch will be in the space through spring, when a writing center called write@253 is set to take over. However, the transition is being described as flexible, with Goldfinch and write@253 likely to share the space for at least a while.

To find out when the studio will be open to the public, check the band's website, Facebook or Twitter for news.

Goldfinch’s Spaceworks’ Studio

“1310 MLK,” 1310 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Tacoma

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