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Nine Facebook pages to follow

Keep up on the South Sound arts scene online

KING'S BOOKS: Its Facebook informs and entertains. Photo courtesy of Facebook

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You want to keep up with the South Sound arts scene, but how? Those crazy cats are always up to something and it seems you're always finding out just a bit too late. If you find yourself missing out on gallery openings, exhibits at museums, flash cash mobs at quirky craft fairs, and book signings - there is something you can do. It's as simple as firing up the computer, the smart phone, and the iPad. It's as simple as logging into your Facebook account.

South Sound artists, venues, galleries and organizations are surprisingly techie - most everyone is on the Facebook or the Twitter. There are so many artists, groups, and businesses online that it might be difficult to figure out who will keep you in the know. Not anymore. Follow these nine Facebook pages and you'll be hobnobbing with the best.

Post Defiance

Post Defiance is an online magazine for Tacomans, by Tacomans, with a focus on the arts, small businesses and community connections in the South Sound. Its Facebook hosts links to its own stories, as well as selective re-posts from other Tacoma blogs and pages supporting the arts scene. All the cool kids follow Post Defiance in one way or another so the comments  can be fun to read.

Tacoma Cash Mob

Speaking of Post Defiance, one of its founders, Katy Evans, also founded the Tacoma Cash Mob. This organization floods local businesses with buyers. Not only can you learn about upcoming Cash Mob events and local businesses that support local artists, you can also see Tacoma Arts Commission Highness Amy McBride with a giant smile and Old Milwaukee Cafe co-owner Pat Kerth with a fake moustache in the Mob's Facebook timeline photo.

Broadway Center for the Performing Arts

Sometimes the best way to keep up with a scene is to go for the big guns. In the South Sound, there are few bigger arts guns than the Broadway Center, which is the umbrella for the Pantages Theatre, Rialto and Theatre on the Square. Broadway Center posts about other venues and events in the region, too.

King's Books

If you don't support King's Books and you consider yourself a Tacoman, shame on you! This indie bookstore hosts author signings, but also craft fairs exclusively made up of local artists and crafters and other awesome events. It's Facebook swells with its own literary and artsy events, re-posts from local cultural entities and the latest adventures of the store's cats.

Spaceworks Tacoma

This innovative program seeks to fill vacant spaces in downtown Tacoma with artists and small businesses. Not only will you be up on the upcoming businesses/art spaces, you'll also get a front seat to Tacoma's ongoing revitalization efforts, which go hand-in-hand with public art more often than not. By the way, Spaceworks Tacoma just won a big innOVATION grant from Ovation TV network.

Make Olympia

Make Olympia is a community market that works to support and promote Olympia artists and crafters. Its Facebook posts will keep you up on craft fairs and bazaars, Olympia's Art Walk, upcoming cash mobs and more. According to its Facebook friends' comments, Make Olympia is awesome.

Olyphant Art Supply

Local art supply shop and gallery that also hosts figure drawing sessions and classes? Yes please! Most of Olyphant's posts inform you of what's going on at the shop, but the breadth of events and classes is pleasing, and includes everything from live music to artist shows to painting classes.

Northern: Olympia All Ages Project

Northern is an all-ages performance space and art gallery in Olympia that brings in a little bit of everything and seeks to create community ties. Its Facebook page will keep you in the loop on Monday night hardcore shows and its other live music events, artist shows, craft fairs and other all-ages excitement in the region.

Orca Books

Orca Books in Olympia is another indie shop that hugs local writers, sells local paper crafts, and keeps you up-to-date on the indie bookworm scene such as readings and book club happenings. Much like King's Books, Orca loves its in-house cats. Its Facebook is a scrapbook of cats on books, cats on boxes and cats in sinks.



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User Photo

Angela Jossy said on Dec. 06, 2012 at 4:09pm

Don't forget about Tacoma ART BUS. We're featuring at least 8 galleries every month. And my personal wall has even more "must see" things daily. :)

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Kathy Anderson said on Dec. 09, 2012 at 7:44pm

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Morgan Blackmore said on Dec. 09, 2012 at 8:56pm

Guerrilla Tacoma might deserve a mention. It's geared toward documenting street art and encouraging Tacomans to get out there and make some.

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