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Little Debbie March Madness

The lineup of Little Debbie snacks ranked by our unofficial snack committee. Photo credit: Claire Nunn

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Some people have just finished filling out their March Madness bracket with high hopes their team will reign supreme, meanwhile we've just finished filling out a ranking of the best Little Debbie snacks. That's right, someone needed to get to the bottom of what really is the best Little Debbie snack, so myself among five others were up for the challenge. 

#11 Birthday Cakes - While we had high hopes for this one as birthday cake is a much loved flavor, it didn't amount to what we thought it would. Upon initial bite it's moist with a cream center, but the artificial aftertaste lingers much longer than desired, pushing this little cake to last place. 

#10 Zebra Cakes - This has been a longtime staple of the Little Debbie Brand, so it's low ranking may come as a shock. Starting with a yellow cake base followed by cream filling and dipped in icing and drizzled with chocolate, while delicious, simply couldn't beat out some of the more delectable choices. 

#9 Powdered Sugar Mini Donuts - There are many different mini donut variations available, but we decided to stick with a classic powdered sugar donut. In the case of mini donuts, it was a solid choice. It was even stated among ranking participants, "I could definitely eat a whole bag of these while on a car ride." 

#8 Honey Buns - Hitting shelves in 1994 these too have been a long time staple for the brand. While the flavor is good, the pastry itself proves a little dry and that's what landed it at number eight. Although what it lacks in dryness is made up in the sweet honey glaze that isn't too overpowering. 

#7 Swiss Rolls - Initially before challenge time, the majority assumed this one would land smack dab at number one. And while this yummy chocolate cake rolled with cream is delicious, it just couldn't stand above some of the other options. 

#6 Oatmeal Creme Pies - These cookies have truly stood the test of time. The cookie sandwich delights were the first snack produced by the brand and it's no surprise why they are still popular today. Chewy and soft cookies with a sweet creme filling makes every bite worth it. 

#5 Glazed Donut Sticks - This snack probably held the most surprise in its ranking. When initially cut by the bracket host, everyone instantly ruled it out as a contender based on how dry the snack looked. However, don't be fooled by the interior. Once you bite into one, the sweet glaze of the dessert ensures the entire donut stick remains moist, flavorful and really quite delicious.

#4 Cosmic Brownies - You can't go wrong with one of these. A moist chocolate interior with chocolate icing and neon chocolate chip candy pieces makes for an enjoyable dessert. Fun Fact: these were originally created based on inspiration of the cosmic bowling trend. 

#3 Strawberry Shortcake Rolls - These were another surprising delight! The cake, rolled with sweet cream and a burst of strawberry, was definitely a hit among the ranking participants. 

#2 Chocolate Cupcake - If you're looking to indulge in a Little Debbie, this is a solid choice. The moist chocolate cake accompanied by the sweet cream is delicious. Sold in a pack of two, we can guarantee you will be reaching for that second one. 

#1 Nutty Buddy - Although you might remember these as Nutty Bars before their recent name change, these chocolate peanut butter wafers were destined for number one before the ranking even began. Light and crispy and chalk full of peanut butter and chocolate goodness, if you're going to indulge in any Little Debbie these are the ones to grab. 

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