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A tour of four cool local art galleries

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The Tacoma area is filled with galleries, each with an often unique focus. While some strive to showcase top-notch art, others seek out artwork that is not only beautiful, but keeps the environment in mind.

No matter what your taste, however, there are galleries out there that offer an excellent way to get in touch with the artists of the region. Here's a look at a few of them.

Traver and Vetri Galleries

What's cool about the side-by-side Traver and Vetri galleries is you get two glass art galleries in one. Traver features larger, often higher-brow pieces, while Vetri is bright and friendly, full of smaller pieces, some made by students. The two galleries are located on Dock Street, next to a walkway along the Thea Foss Waterway that makes a great complementing stroll on a sunny day.

Location: 821 E Dock St., Ste. 100, Tacoma

Fulcrum Gallery

Located on Tacoma's Hilltop, Fulcrum has been integral in helping people realize Hilltop is not the dangerous area it once was. Headed up by local glass artist Oliver Doriss, Fulcrum is a gallery filled with amazing installations, glass art and more. Doriss' baby head cups are a signature item. Fulcrum frequently rotates in new artists, making it great for repeat visits.

Location: 1308 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Tacoma

Proctor Art Gallery

Located in the cozy Proctor District, Proctor Art Gallery is small yet mighty. The artwork here is surprisingly varied. You'll find paintings, sculpture, pottery and woodwork. Proctor Art Gallery brings in new artists a few times a year, and rotates in fresh work from its existing artists each month.

Location: 3811 North 26th St., Tacoma

Matter Gallery

Possibly the best gallery in Olympia, Matter Gallery is unique in the nation as the only art gallery to feature solely artwork created from recycled and reclaimed material. Matter also features functional art - which is also a rarity. Awesomely funky lamps, furniture and jewelry are affordable (at least as far as art prices go), and there is even artwork for kids.

Location: 113 Fifth Ave. SW, Olympia

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