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Best of Olympia 2011 Readers' Picks: Food & Drink

You voted for Oldschool Pizzeria, Lemon Grass, Fish Tale Brew Pub, Ramblin’ Jacks and others ...

Illustration by Sarah Utter

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Thank you to all who took the time to vote in our Best of Olympia 2011 Readers' Poll. You are the best.

Best Restaurant: Tofu Hut
Best Bartender: Janelle O’Leary, The Vault
Best Happy Hour: The Brotherhood 
Best Pizza: Oldschool Pizzeria
Best Burger: Eagan’s Big Tom Drive Inn
Best Thai Food: Lemon Grass
Best Chinese Food: Emperor’s Palace
Best Mexican: El Sarape
Best Buffet: Main Chinese Buffet
Best Italian Restaurant: Trinacria Ristorante Italiano
Best Beer: Fish Tale Brew Pub
Best Cocktails: The Mark
Best Wine: Swing Wine Bar
Best Seafood: Anthony’s (Homeport and Hearthfire Grill)
Best BBQ: Southbay Dickerson’s BBQ
Best Bar Food: King Solomon’s Reef
Best Steak: Ramblin’ Jacks
Best Donuts: Twisters Cafe & Espresso
Best Coffee: Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.
Best Barista: Caffe Vita’s Angie Dalton
Best Pastry: The Bread Peddler
Best Breakfast: Darby’s Cafe
Best Dessert: Bearded Lady Food Co.
Best Late Night Food: The Reef
Best All Around Bar: The Brotherhood Lounge 
Best Dive Bar: The Brotherhood
Best Vegan Menu: Le Voyeur

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Comments for "Best of Olympia 2011 Readers' Picks: Food & Drink" (2)

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Leslie Sirag said on Feb. 23, 2011 at 8:04pm

Having lived in China for a couple of years, I have to disagree with The Emperor's Palace as best Chinese food: their food is god, but it's not Chinese. Closest thing we have is Main Chinese Buffet.

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Michael Fritsch said on Feb. 24, 2011 at 7:56am

Sweet. Someday, though, we'll get people to understand that we haven't been called "eagans" since 1969. That's the year we changed the name to Eastside Big Tom. Still a cool honor, though.

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