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Electric Falcons charged up over new projects

Band has strong ties to Olympia, Tacoma

The Electric Falcons have strong ties to Olympia and Tacoma and are on the Olympia music label, Rxevolution. /Courtesy photo

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Cameron Clearwater, vocalist and guitarist for indie grungers Electric Falcons, is all blonde dreadlocks, black T-shirt and tattoos. His Chihuahua, Bergie, is always at his side.

Drummer Jordan Taylor has long flowing hair and is often caught with bright white sunglasses on his head and prescription glasses on his face.

And bassist Joe Woulette has a moustache your uncle would be jealous of, plus a laid-back flannel kinda feel.

The music of Electric Falcons reflects their style: edgy, straightforward, and like a lot of Northwest music - a little fuzzy around the edges.

One of the bands most recent successes is the completion of its music video, "Damage Control." Filmed in Los Angeles, and directed by Olympia native Devin True, the video tells the story of one pissed off man, (played by Jesus Lizard's David Yow) and his confrontations as he barrels down the streets of LA. Think about the movie Falling Down, then add punk rock and wry humor.

Another recent success is the release of Kick Rocks, recorded by Northwest legend Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Zeke, etc.), who tweaked the album into near perfection.

On working with Endino, Clearwater says, "The coolest part was expecting him to use old techniques, but everything was super fresh, with all current tech gear. But he kept the fundamentals of the sound he pioneered."

Personally, off Kick Rocks, I like the song "What I Want." It's just bratty enough to be catchy, and the tempo has a nice pop-punk quality.

Clearwater and Electric Falcon's manager Alby Allen is partial to the song "Transient."

"I like the musical changes, the dynamics of the song," says Allen. "It rises and falls from a dramatic vocal build to some great guitar breaks."

"Cam wrote a lot of these songs while living in a van in parking lots and state parks," Allen adds. "He sings directly to that. "Transient" is stripped down rock and roll carving a sketchy journey toward hope."

Late in the summer of 2010, after a lull in his musical ambition, Clearwater realized that "not playing music was not an option."

So, Electric Falcons was born, carrying the sentiment that "Transient" encompasses. The band broke into the scene playing hard and loud, breaking eardrums and gear along the way. While the members and sound have evolved slightly since then, the core chemistry of the band is constant.

"We feed off straight positivity," says Clearwater. "It's a fun project for everyone."

The hope and creativity keeps flowing with these boys as they continue toward the future.

"We've hit our stride," says Clearwater.

In the works is a prequel video to "Damage Control," more studio time, collaborations and the unveiling of the band's website,

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