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WHAT'S THE WORD?: Klowns Over Everything

Motamouth Jones, K.O.E. and Sumtin Different Food Four Your Soul

MOTAMOUTH JONES: He helped launch Klowns Over Everything.

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Tacoma MC Motamouth Jones has been spearheading a fast-growing, grass-roots, community hip-hop, movement - K.O.E. If you have been keeping your ear to the Tacoma hip-hop scene, then you're aware of the K.O.E. moniker, which stands for Klowns Over Everything. The name reflects the unity its members feel toward each other and to their community.

The three main movers of the K.O.E. movement are hip-hop artists Jones, Nena Kapon, and Sikk Stylz. The Klown part of the equation refers to the fact that K.O.E. members do paint their faces. In fact, face painting is on the rise in hip-hop. Each group paints its face different and for different reasons. Klowns only paint half their face and in the style of a playing card. Much of their imagery comes from a deck of cards. For example, Jones is the Ace of Spades, Nena Kapone is the Ace of Hearts and Sikk Stylz is the Ace of Clubs. K.O.E. uses cards as a metaphor for life. It feels everyone is dealt a hand of cards.

K.O.E.'s music is positive. Their show is energetic and crazy-paced. They do hold it down for the streets, but their music is not filled with gun talk.

Along with supporting each other, K.O.E. also performs community work. So far, they have partnered up with the Tacoma Rescue Mission for a couple of benefit shows.

This group does more than just rock shows and fundraisers. They also feed the community - literally. K.O.E. has a restaurant and catering service called Sumtin Different Food Four Your Soul. It serves smothered and fried chicken, baked salmon, fried pork chops, spaghetti, ribs and more. Sumtin Different stays open late for the post-club crowd, serving $5 plates after 2 a.m. The restaurant is in the process of moving locations. Therefore, I don't have an address. Sumtin Different is taking orders. You may reach them at 718.414.3656 or 253.273.7801.

Nena Kapone recently released a video on YouTube called "Trapp Starz." She is only 25 years old, but has been making music for 12 years. Kapone met Jones 10 years ago when they were artists under the same management and label. They both branched off, did their own thing and have now reunited under the K.O.E. umbrella. Kapone is on reverbnation, twitter, and Facebook. 

The K.O.E. crew does everything in-house - from marketing and promoting to production, down to photography. Now ya know!

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