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Best of Tacoma 2016: The Little Donuts

Best Cover Band

The Little Donuts bring the music of Hall & Oates to the unlikeliest of places. Photo credit: Facebook

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Since the Weekly Volcano began our annual Best of Tacoma issue in 2009, one thing has always been a given: Kry will win Best Cover Band. It's always been a foregone conclusion that the longtime cover band staple would take the honors. Consider it the biggest upset of the Best of Tacoma 2016 readers' poll, then, that Kry would finally be unseated by The Little Donuts, those that dare to refer to themselves as "the Northwest's premier all-Filipino Hall & Oates cover band."

As I've written before, it almost feels like cheating to start a band that covers the work of Hall & Oates, since they have such a staggering catalogue of incredibly popular songs. After seeing The Little Donuts perform, I asked my friend over the phone to guess which songs were on their set list; while she eventually got them all, on the way she guessed at least five gigantic hits that The Little Donuts didn't even get to.

Formed in late 2014, The Little Donuts almost immediately began making waves. Reylan and Lino Fernandez, Joel and Dean Sayson, Mark Nufable and Brad Edwards round out the band, taking turns tackling Darryl Hall's formidable lead vocals.

"Who knew that being in a cover band could be so rad?" said Edwards. "I think the big difference for us is that it started out as a joke within our scooter club and turned out being mildly successful. The overwhelming majority of our shows are fundraisers and will continue to be. I have a hard time making money while jacking somebody else's music."

While it may have started as a tongue-in-cheek project for The Little Donuts, there's no doubt that their affections for Hall & Oates run deep.

"Well, we're considering playing a guerrilla-style set somewhere at White River when (Hall & Oates are) here on September 9," said Lino Fernandez. "Everyone in the band has tickets to that show."

Reylan Fernandez sums up their amazement at being voted Tacoma's Best Cover Band quite nicely, saying, "Six Filipino guys never thought we'd be appreciated for playing ‘blue-eyed soul'."

In case Hall & Oates spot The Little Donuts playing an impromptu set during their concert at White River, decide to look them up, and find this article, The Little Donuts just have one thing to ask them: "Can we come over to your house and play?"

Your move, Darryl.

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