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Summer Guide 2011: Twi-Hard heaven


Photo Credit: Jason Ganwich Photography

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The drawing power of the mecca that is Forks, Wash., pulses through the veins of any self-respecting Twilight fan. Luckily for us, it's a mere three hours from Tacoma.

Things you will not find here include: Edward, Jacob, possibly any hot men at all (although, as with anywhere, hot men can and do show up without warning) or actual locations from the movies. Perhaps surprisingly, the Twilight movies were filmed just about everywhere in the Northwest except Forks.

But don't despair - the entire town of Forks has stepped up to create a Twi-haven for all Twihards, young and old. The movie may not have been filmed here, but you will find everything needed to fill your Twi-void and take photos to prove to your normie friends how cool you are.

The first popular photo op is the Forks welcome sign, located on Highway 101 going into town. Several of the key spots around town are for outside photos and gawking only. These include the Swan House, the Cullen House and Forks High School. People actually live their lives within these buildings and apparently don't appreciate fans knocking on the doors and weeping to get in ... not that I would know.

Forks Hospital has a parking space reserved for Dr. Cullen, but the hospital does not welcome tourists inside ... unless you are willing to have a medical emergency. In this case they probably really can't help you because your issues run deeper.

Places that do welcome tourists include Forks Outfitters, which is the store where Bella worked in the books. Next door to this is a Thriftway that sells a bunch of Twilight merchandise. The Forks Visitors Center has information on local attractions as well as Bella's truck (not the one from the movie, but it looks like it). Perhaps the coolest place to head is the Dazzled by Twilight store where not only can you get lost in the atmosphere and cool stuff, but also join a tour of the area.

DETAILS: Cross the Narrows Bridge then follow Hwy. 101 up the eastern edge of the Peninsula up through Port Angeles and on to Forks.

BADGES EARNED: Gawking, Possible Hot Men Deprivation, Paleness  

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