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Dental care and a PCS

What you need to know

Before your next PCS be sure to review your TDP benefits. It might just save you some money. (Credit: Startup Stock photos from Pexels)

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When it's time to make another move there are many things to consider. Dental care is not usually top of mind. For some answers to common PCS dental care questions we tracked down Rebekah Jordon, Manager, Yelm Prairie Dental, a Tricare Dental Program (TDP) network provider.

1. What does a new patient need to bring for their first visit, especially if moving from out of state?

You will need the name of your prior dentist and their contact information and which insurance you will be using. For military families this will most likely be the TDP or it might be insurance through another employer.

2. Prior to PCSing what should your military families do in regards to dental care?

Make sure to sign a release of records at the dental office so when we call it is easy to access your dental records.

3. How do you recommend a military family find a new dentist?

Look at your insurance websites and Google/Facebook reviews. Talk to other families already here and see who they use.

4. What makes Yelm Prairie Dental a good fit for military families?

We love our military families! Dr. Lesh is local and makes it easy for our military families to make appointments around busy schedules.

United Concordia has the current TDP contract. When using this program there are details you should know to eliminate costly mistakes.

First, it is important to know what the program covers. It is your responsibility, not your dentist's, to know what your benefits and out-of-pocket expenses are. Details are available in your benefit booklet or go to For example, patients receive two cleanings per 12-month period, but you can be charged for this covered benefit if you accidentally schedule your third cleaning too soon.

Second, when you change to a new dentist you do not have to let United Concordia know. As long as it is a licensed dentist you can begin receiving treatment.

Finally, network providers have signed a contract agreement with United Concordia to follow TDP rules for care and payments. For example, United Concordia has a maximum allowable charge which a network provider has agreed to accept. They cannot charge you the difference between what they billed and the United Concordia maximum allowed charge. It is important to verify your dentist is a network provider, otherwise a non-network provider dentist can charge you the difference, adding significant out-of-pocket expenses. 

United Concordia has a list of network providers available online at

Reviewing your dental plan before your next PCS move can save you money.

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