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JBLM Auto Skills Centers

Providing basic knowledge, help, and money saved

The Auto Skills Centers at McChord Field and Lewis Main offer individuals the opportunity to service their vehicles. Photo credit: Lizzie Hoscheit/JBLM Marketing

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If a person takes care of their automobile, it stands to reason that their four-wheeled investment will take care of them when on the road.

One way to accomplish this is to visit one of the two Auto Skills Centers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), which are located at 4043 West Way at Lewis Main and 1120 Barnes Blvd. at McChord Field.

The purpose of the two centers is to promote self-reliance and provide skills development for their customers who want to work on their automobiles. To provide a safe work area, proper equipment and a clean work environment, helping to save service members money.

"The ultimate goal of each of the Auto Skills Centers is to provide education, information and feedback on how to work and maintain your vehicle," began Ray Daniels, the manager of the Automotive Skills Program.

"A vehicle is probably the second most expensive purchase a person makes, so if you're proactive and follow basic maintenance standards, your vehicle will provide safe, reliable transportation for many years."

A car enthusiast with extensive knowledge on vehicle repairs and maintenance, Daniels' focus is on running JBLM's Auto Skills Centers at peak performance.

According to him, the center welcomes 650 to 725 customers each month.

From basic maintenance and repairs to a full blown restoration of a vehicle, the Auto Skills Centers' staff is able to educate and work with service members.

"The limits are up to the soldiers or airmen," continued Daniels, "as they can perform preventive maintenance work, or they can fully restore a 1968 Ford Mustang from the ground up."

Some of the more common services offered are lubrication work and oil changes. As to special services, professional mechanics can provide information and guidance on engine analysis, machine work on rotors and computer wheel balancing, to name a few.

Deployed spouses can bring in a copy of orders to receive free oil change service.  Since this is for service only, customers must call for an appointment and bring their own oil and filter.

When it comes to restorative work, however, Daniels cautioned that the service member must have the where-with-all to do so.

"We can provide information on steps to restoration, but the patron must have a basic knowledge level or be willing to learn the steps necessary," said Daniels.

"The Auto Skills Centers are a known location for knowledgeable staff combined with a safe, warm work environment," concluded Daniels.

For more information, visit:

McChord Field Auto Skills Center, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday; 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday, 1120 Barnes Blvd., McChord Field, 253.982.7226

Auto Skills Center Lewis Main, 2-10 p.m., Thursday-Friday; 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, 4043 West Way, Lewis Main, 253.967.3728

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