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Don’t miss the Washington State Fair

Enjoy the Washington State Fair through Sept. 24. Photo credit: Washington State Fair

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Every year, the fairgrounds of Puyallup, Washington come alive with a vibrant spectacle that draws in visitors from all corners of the state and beyond. The Washington State Fair stands as a testament to the power of community, culture, and tradition. Spanning over a century of history, this annual event has evolved into a celebration that captures the heart of Washington's diverse offerings, from agriculture and entertainment to food and arts.

Established in 1900, the Washington State Fair has a rich history that reflects the state's agricultural roots. What began as a showcase for local farmers to exhibit their livestock and produce has transformed into a multifaceted extravaganza that appeals to people of all ages and interests. Despite its growth and modernization, the fair has managed to retain its core values, staying true to its agricultural origins while incorporating new elements to keep up with the changing times.

At its core, the fair is still an agricultural event, with livestock competitions, crop showcases, and educational exhibits that provide a unique opportunity for urban visitors to connect with the rural side of Washington. This connection is vital in a state where agriculture plays a significant role in the economy and culture. The fair offers a chance for both children and adults to learn about farming, animal husbandry, and sustainable practices, fostering an appreciation for where our food comes from.

Beyond its agricultural aspect, the Washington State Fair is renowned for its entertainment offerings. The fair hosts an array of live performances, from big-name musical acts and comedy shows to local talent and cultural performances. This year's line-up includes Kane Brown, The Temptations, Zac Brown Band and many other artists. 

One of the highlights of any fair is the food, and the Washington State Fair certainly doesn't disappoint. From classic fair staples like the beloved Fisher Scones and Krusty Pups to all the classic fried food delights. 

The fair provides local artists and crafters with a platform to display their creations. The art exhibitions and craft shows celebrate the diverse artistic talent of Washington, ranging from traditional artworks to contemporary designs. This integration of art into the fair's fabric emphasizes the importance of creativity in the community.

Take time to stop by the Hobby Hall to see a wide range of personal collections. From Disney collections to glass jar collections, you really never know what to expect each year!

Another huge draw for families are of course the rides. Nothing screams The Washington State Fair more than riding down the big yellow slide on a burlap sack. There is also a wide range of rides that appeal to the young and old. Roller coasters, mini coasters, fun houses and so much more! Plus your classic fair games like ring toss and balloon darts will complete your fair experience. 

Advanced tickets purchased online will receive a $1 off from at gate admission prices. Plus every Monday is military appreciation day which gives free admission for all active, reserve and retired military and National Guard and their dependents, plus disabled veterans with valid military ID at the gate. 

For full ticket prices and more information visit

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