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2016 Best of Olympia: Jamie Lee & Company

Best Hair Salon

The music happens here where readers voted as the best place for a great look. Photo credit: Copyright Jamie Lee & Company

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For the past 20 years (or 20 and a half, to be exact), Olympia has had one of the snazziest and most unique hair salons around - Jamie Lee & Company.

"We have wonderful people who work here who are very talented at a variety of different styles, everything from classic conservative to more avant garde and crazy," said Lee, "and we have shop cats!"

Cats Smithfield (or Smitty) and Auto serve as a welcoming committee for this funky place that's anything but your average salon. Rather than one open space, there are a number of different levels and rooms that made the space difficult to rent until Lee came along. Today, its funkiness has made it possible for Jamie Lee & Company to bring in more than just hair stylists.

The "& Company" goes beyond the average hair salon. Not only is there a dazzling array of hair services, but also massage, energy work, tarot, astrology and more. Currently, there are two massage rooms and an astrologer/tarot reader, but you never know what you might find. In the past, reiki, a palmist and even body piercing have been offered onsite.

"The space is kind of eclectic and whimsical," Lee said. "People have commented that it's very comfortable to come in here. We like to walk the line between professional but very casual. You could come in straight out of the garden or right after work. There's no judgement."

The shop offers free consultations, and visitors are welcome to come in just to see what all the fuss is about. The staff is friendly and welcoming. There are also plenty of products for sale - but not typical products that you find at most beauty shops. Count on lots of botanical products along with an unscented line and a vegan line.

If you're interested in a package deal, simply ask the staff - they're happy to work together to put together multiple-experience packages, which make great gifts!

JAMIE LEE & COMPANY, 309 E. 4th Avenue, Tuesday to Saturday, 10-ish to 7-ish, 360.786.6027,

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