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The "Best New Band" is heading to SXSW

SCIENCE!: Justin Stang and Jim Elenteny have melody and form down to a, well, science. Photo credit: Patrick Snapp

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We checked in with Science! asking guitarist and vocalist Justin Stang how he and bandmate Jim Elenteny help keep the music scene alive, why fans play an important role and how Olympia (which Stang calls home, and where Science!'s next show is) measures up in keeping their name on the Northwest music map.

"Science! keeps the South Sound alive by being ourselves and staying true to our roots," says Stang. "We try to continuously write, put out and perform new music that we really love despite industry pressure for conformity. This has always been really important for the Northwest music identity, and in particular, the South Sound; to be ahead of trends, and do what we do best: be ourselves and rock."

The duo has managed to stay true to that spirit, and reap the benefits of hard work and staying grounded. The band was featured in High Times as January's unsigned band of the month, has a SXSW tour planned for March, and its clever and catchy tune, "Seattle Song," has received airplay on Jet City Stream and the Bob Rivers Show. Olympia readers knew what they were doing when they voted Science! "Best New Band" in this rag's 2012 Best of Olympia issue.

But, without the fan base, "Seattle Song"would perhaps be just another campfire jingle.

"The continued support of South Sound music fans really keep the whole scene alive," says Stang. "Without folks coming out to shows, buying CDs and leaving tips, it would be impossible for any musician to continue creating their art. I think South Sound music fans truly understand that and do their part to support the music they're passionate about."

We asked Stang his opinion on Olympia's role in "Viva South Sound Music."

"I think that Olympia is very unique in its approach to the music scene and that keeps it alive and well," he says. "Despite so many different kinds of acts from bluegrass to hip-hop to metal, everyone is exceptionally supportive of all the other talented folks. I love playing shows and seeing so many other musicians in the audience and as a result, I try to get out to see as many other shows as I can. I think the entire community from fans to bands realizes that we're all in the boat together and want to get sailing. I guess we all see success as far more rewarding when shared."

Science!'s recent studio debut EP includes Blind Melon's Glen Graham on drums and their music has been featured in Fall 2012 on PBS television's Roadtrip Nation.

Catch the folk-rock duo this Friday with Kendl Winter and the Summer Gold, and the return of string band, Fruition, at the Olympia Ballroom. Also look for them at Weekly Volcano's 2013 Best Of Olympia party Feb. 20 at Capitol Theater Backstage.


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