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Metal Cares: Pariah's Revolt Gives Back

Olympia metal band hosts fundraiser for Thurston County Food Bank

Pariah's Revolt

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Metal is soft. In fact, cesium, the softest metal on earth, can be cut with a butter knife. The metal music genre is taking a turn toward softness, too. Have you seen those Skeletor memes with the inspirational quotes? How about the photo Tumblr of metalheads posing with their cats?

Point is, metal can be ferocious and loving. 

Enter Metal Cares: Pariah's Revolt Gives Back. The heavy, four-piece Pariah's Revolt from Olympia (Kevin Saint, Josh "Monster" Williams, Chad "The Ghost" Daniels, and Shane "Warzone" Hanson) has all the badassness of ear-splitting chords, metal riffs and black clothing that you'd expect from the genre.

And they're taking their community involvement to the next level with a fundraiser to help the Thurston County Food Bank Saturday, April 19 at Louie G's in Fife.

"One of the most frustrating things to deal with as a metal musician is the stereotype of the ‘thug' or ‘criminal,'" said Saint. "One of the most devastating things in life to overcome is hunger.  In one swift motion, we are looking to change both for the better."

Five bands and many local sponsors, including Ted Brown Music, Olympic Cards and Comics and The Toy Box Collectables, are supporting the event. Pariah's Revolt, Sanction VIII, Amadon, Mr. Von and The Rikk Beatty Band will rock the all-ages venue beginning at 6 p.m. From Sanction VIII's skilled Slayer-esque style to The Rikk Beatty Band's guitar-driven jams and metal/funk vibe, there will be a variety of music on the table.

"We made it multi-genre so we could hopefully bring in a diverse crowd, ready to donate and give," Saint said.

Donation sites have already been set up at participating stores, and Saint has coordinated collections for the Thurston County Food Bank, with a delivery scheduled for after the show.

Maurice the Fish Records (MTFR), one of the event's sponsors, has supported the local Fish Food Banks in Pierce County for the past seven years.

"This event is also in support of our philanthropic ideals with the food banks," said Raymond Hayden, founder of MTFR. "Normally, people push aside genres like metal, rap and old country. Kevin (Saint), his band and the metal community are coming together to show that they are different from the rest and that they want to give back to a community that has given them so much."

So grab some non-perishable food items, wear your heart on your cut-off sleeve and enjoy some good ole' metal lovin'.

METAL CARES: PARIAH'S REVOLT GIVES BACK, 6 p.m., Saturday, April 19, Louie G's Pizzeria, 4802 Pacific Hwy. E., Fife, no cover, 253.926.9700

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