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JBLM Comcast Neighborhoods

Comcast filmed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Comcast crews filmed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord Nov. 25. Courtesy photo

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Perhaps you noticed some cameras on Joint Base Lewis-McChord in late November. Perhaps you've heard rumors of a TV show filmed at JBLM. In both cases, you'd be right - cameras were at JBLM Nov. 25 along with a small-yet-intrepid TV crew. What's the occasion? Comcast Neighborhoods is coming to JBLM, Jan. 1.

Comcast Neighborhoods is a monthly television program produced by the Puyallup offices of Comcast. While Comcast is better known for being a large, national company, in this case, its focus is hyper local. Each month, Neighborhoods focuses on a new community in Western Washington. Neighborhoods is produced as a service to the community, a throwback to the days when cable companies used to produce much more programming.

Executive producer and videographer Ed Hauge and producer and host Sabrina Register visited JBLM Nov. 25 to gather footage and facts about the military heritage and museums of this unique Washington state community. Due to some pretty heavy rains, Hauge was allowed to return a few days later to get some more outdoor footage.

"One aspect that I really like about Neighborhoods is that we're able to showcase little gems that make up the character of local cities and towns," says Hauge. "Whether it's a small business, bakery, museum or hidden park, it's fun to bring things like these to the attention of our viewers. Who knows how many times folks have viewed our shows and said to themselves, ‘We've got to get out and see that!'"

Several key community players at JBLM were interviewed by Register for the show. These include Ray Jordan of the McChord Air Museum, Myles Grant of the Lewis Museum as well as volunteers at the McChord Museum. Register is an award-winning TV broadcaster with a past as a news anchor at KOMO and Northwest Cable News, who currently freelances and reports for media outlets, including KCTS 9.

"The Comcast Neighborhoods segment will show that not only does JBLM have an important history in our community and in the nation's defense, JBLM also has some amazing people working tirelessly to preserve and interpret this history," adds Walter Neary, director of Public Relations at the Puyallup Comcast office. "We met  people who really want today's members and dependents of the military, as well as other members of the community, to appreciate the men and women who came before us, sometimes giving their lives, in defense of the United States."

The JBLM episode of Neighborhoods will debut Jan. 1 via Comcast On Demand, meaning it will at first only be available to Comcast subscribers who have access to On Demand via their Xfinity TV service. To find the show, subscribers will need to navigate through the following folders: On Demand > Get Local > Around the Sound > Neighborhoods.

If you don't have access to On Demand, mark your calendar - JBLM Neighborhoods will come out via YouTube for the general public on or around April 1.

Past shows have highlighted Whidbey Island, Anacortes, Centralia and more. You can see other episodes of the show at:

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