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Getting into the holiday spirit

Point Ruston CHI Franciscan Frozen Fountain Ice Skating Rink will do the trick

Put your skates on and let the holiday spirit engulf you at the Point Ruston CHI Franciscan Frozen Fountain Ice Skating Rink. Photo credit: Matthew Mehlert

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Now that the season has finally begun, with the temperature dropping, the rain (and potentially snow) clouds rolling in, leaves on the ground and an earlier-than-preferred sunset; it's time for the holiday activities to commence!

One of my personal favorite activities to get in the holiday mindset is ice skating with my friends (although my skating skills are mediocre at best), and Point Ruston's CHI Franciscan Frozen Fountain Ice Skating Rink has everything needed for a pleasant skating experience.

So, on a cold, lifeless evening earlier this month, when my friends and I became desperate for something to fill our time, we donned warm jackets, layers of socks and beanies before embarking on our journey to the rink. Located at the waterfront along Point Ruston, the venue is only a short drive when coming from anywhere in the area.

The Frozen Fountain rink provides an ideal skating escape. It has a convenient location with easy parking, stellar food nearby and beautiful Commencement Bay surroundings.

Arriving at the Ruston waterfront business and entertainment plaza, we were able to park in the multi-level garage, where validated parking is always available to customers. Simply give your license plate number to a staff member at the rink or any nearby business to take advantage the parking perk.

Only a short walk from the garage lies the ice-skating rink. Rain or shine, the atmosphere surrounding the attraction will put anyone in a good mood. The bright lights, loud music and subtle decorations can be seen through the windows as you approach, and cumulatively they embody the holiday spirit.

The large, shiny surface of the rink dominates the plaza, filling the space with its chilly, festive presence. Its magnetic quality (experienced by us and the other attendees) is unmatched by any other Christmas event within range.

Singles, families, and parties alike from all across the Tacoma area should not miss this chance for seasonal skating. The reason why it is such a big draw every year -- from my experience, at least -- it creates an all-inclusive environment in such a small area.

Everyone can enjoy this festive scene, even someone like myself, cursed with baby deer-like coordination and balance. I found enjoyment in the falls, the trips, the slides and the tumbles (even more so while watching my pals do the same).

The holiday ambience makes the skating experience here even more attractive to participants, and it would be hard to have a bad time -- no matter your skating skills.

This annual event provides every opportunity to mingle and make new friends, while simultaneously participating in an activity beloved by holiday enthusiasts.

If your experience at the Frozen Fountain Ice Rink is done correctly, you are sure to work up an appetite. Luckily, restaurants such as Farrelli's Pizza, the Jewel Box Café and Mio Sushi are only a few steps away, and each restaurant can enhance your evening with its own special fare.

The CHI Franciscan Frozen Fountain Ice Skating Rink runs until Jan. 5, 2020. For more information, visit:

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