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Sleeping Lady Resort welcomes you

An amazing getaway for families and couples alike

Rooms at Sleeping Lady are arranged in clusters of cabins. Photo credit: Kristin Kendle

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Leavenworth is a popular local getaway, a Bavarian town tucked into the Cascades that's known for its Oktoberfest each autumn. There are a number of hotels in town, but the real jewel of the area is just a few minutes away from the quaint downtown - Sleeping Lady Resort is unlike any other hotel in the Leavenworth area or even farther afoot, with its powerful stance on sustainability, on getting back to nature, and on sheer relaxation.

What makes Sleeping Lady Resort unique starts with its layout. Drive onto the property and you won't be greeted by a massive single building, but instead by unassuming small buildings spread out throughout the forested property. Nothing is taller than a single story or two. All rooms are located in cabins, each of which includes a few rooms side by side in clusters of three or four cabins. Registration is in another cabin, while restaurants and other facilities are in others. The result? The layout almost feels like grown-up camp - something that's no coincidence as the property was formerly Camp Icicle. Make no mistake, though, what you'll find here is more upscale than summer camp as a kid.

While the cabins look simple from the outside, as soon as you enter into your room, you'll find high quality bedding, down comforters, vaulted ceilings and lodge atmosphere. What you won't find are TVs, as Sleeping Lady is here to help you relax. Incidentally, there is free Wi-Fi if you can't completely unplug.

Rooms range in size from Alcove Rooms with a queen and a twin-sized bed, to Loft Rooms that can accommodate up to five guests, to a private cabin for up to eight. There is also a private cabin for just two, as well as canine-friendly rooms.

Exploring the property is a little different than your average hotel or lodge. Rather than walking through hallways, you walk along forested trails. Property perks include a serene library where you can pick up a book to read, or play the piano, the Play Barn where you can play pool, ping pong or foosball, and a fitness room. Located outside is a pool and hot pool situated in the open air - both are usually open late - the perfect place to watch the stars come out. To dry off, head to the dry sauna.

Also on the property is the organic farm where much of the fresh produce served in the resort's restaurants comes from as well as several pieces of artwork, including an installation by Dale Chihuly (near the Kingfisher Restaurant and Wine Bar). Stroll the property on a self-guided art walk, but make sure to add the organic garden onto your path.

Included in all room packages is breakfast and/or dinner, which are both served buffet-style at the Kingfisher. Both meals source ingredients from the onsite organic garden when possible, and from local and sustainable sources, too.

Sleeping Lady Resort is a haven for anyone who loves to see environmentally conscious efforts at work in real life. The organic garden is just the tip of the ice berg - electric vehicles are used by staff, water conserving fixtures are installed in all bathrooms, paints and stains are all water-based, decks are made from recycled materials and buildings incorporate reclaimed wood, kitchen waste is composted, and even pens in the rooms are made from recycled materials.

Harriet Bullitt, the owner of the property, summed up the sustainability efforts in her often-quoted words: "I want people to leave here and feel as though they can go back to their home and change their corner of the world."

Sleeping Lady Resort is the perfect place to relax for a day, a weekend or longer, but if you do need more to do, Leavenworth is less than 10 minutes away.

Sleeping Lady Resort is located at 7375 Icicle Road, Leavenworth, WA 98826. For more information or to book a room, visit Sleeping Lady's website ( or call 509.548.6344.

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